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Place the cylindrical portion on top of the base vessel in which the water must have come to a boil. Puttu Recipe without Puttu Maker | Arisi Maavu Puttu | Sweet Puttu. Puttu maker is nothing but a steamer which is cylinderical in shape and hence you are getting the puttu also in cylinderical shape. Steam for 6-8 mins or until you see steam coming from top holes of the puttu maker lid (after steam comes there, let it be 2 mins atleast) You will smell the pleasant fragrant of red rice and coconut after it gets cooked. Here are some tips on how to make this a versatile dish: Make sure rice is cleaned well as it might contain arsenic. Rice puttu in our home is made only when my cousin Brother Karthi comes home during holidays from college. Sprinkle little by little making the flour wet. Also check out our other interesting Gravy & Curry Recipes. Next, take a puttu maker and start boiling water in it. Place the puttu maker and steam on high flame for 5 minutes. For people who make puttu regularly (variants include — ragi puttu, tapioca puttu, semolina puttu), having a puttu maker on hand is convenient. Required fields are marked *. For sweet puttu, once the puttu is warm and not so hot, add the cardamom powder, sugar and grated coconut. This puttu recipe without a puttu maker will show you how to make soft and fluffy flakes of steamed rice that you can then gently flavour with the exotic coconut, palm jaggery, banana, milk and gingelly (sesame) oil. I try to use raw sugar or coconut sugar. It is very good for health as it is steamed dish. As I had palm sugar replaced jaggery with it. But my friends told me to put only normal water. Sprinkle water to the flour and gently mix it. Along with the puttu maker you would have got the vessel or the steamer.Add some 3 to 4 cups of water to it and allow it to boil before placing puttu maker. There’s some so soothing about eating puttu with milk and jaggery and coconut and gingelly oil, like it’s saying: go on, enjoy your sweet puttu breakfast slowly, everything else can wait, right now, I’m all you need. 2. This is the base puttu, you can flavor it sweet with sugar or jaggery. Transfer it bowl and rice puttu is ready for veggie kothu puttu, or enjoy with kadala curry or sweet puttu . Take a coconut shell, with 3 eyes. Add 1 cup of rice flour and roast until fragrant. You can fill it in small bowl and place this in pressure cooker with the water at the bottom and cook without the whistle. Rice Puttu. breakfast recipes, finger millet puttu, finger millet puttu recipes, healthy breakfast recipes, how to make pittu, how to make puttu, how to make puttu recipe, how to make rice puttu, how to make rice puttu in tamil, kerala puttu kadala curry, pittu, pittu recipe, puttu kadala curry, puttu recipe, puttu recipe video, puttu recipes, recipes in tamil, south indian breakfast recipes, sri lankan puttu, sweet pittu, sweet puttu. Keep aside. Make it sweet or spicy the choice is yours. Right from the hot roasting pan, the flavors from the spices, their aroma filling the air – cooking awakens the senses and rejuvenates you.! Rice puttu is a common … i have used store brought puttu flour. Equipment: a kadai, or wok, or deep frying pan; a deep aluminium/steel vessel; a thin cotton cloth or a multi-layered cheesecloth; a big bowl to cover the vessel with (the opening must sit firmly over the opening of the aluminium vessel); a cotton string. Top it with a thin layer of grated coconut, followed by a thick layer of moistened rice flour, and so on until it is full. Your email address will not be published. 2 teaspoons gingelly (sesame) oil Some people add hot water to the flour while processing the flour. Transfer to a wide plate and add salt to the flour, gently mix it. Roast the rice flour over medium flame in a kadai or wok (refer 'Equipment' in the Notes section) for 8 minutes or until you get the roasted smell of rice flour, and it is off-white. Turn off the flame, add the salt and continue to stir for another 2 minutes. Or you can just fill a large pan with water and keep the small bowl filled with puttu and close with lid and cook till done. Always dry roast the rice flour in medium low flame and care should be taken not to burn the flour. Enjoy! But there is a way to make puttu even if you don’t own a puttu maker, and I know that that is why you are here! Ste

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