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G4/G5 flat concealed cover plate. analysis to Standard response sprinkler systems are designed to suppress and limit the spread of fire by wetting the area surrounding a flame to remove a fire’s fuel source. Take note of the sprinkler identification number (SIN). Quick-response. Others may provide domed plates that, like smoke alarms or light fixtures, protrude from the ceiling slightly. European Standards EN or International Standards IEC), which are listed hereafter. Viking's escutcheon datasheet provides critical information about cover plates, including their part numbers, temperatures, diameter, finish, and compatible concealed sprinklers. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Let's get right to the answer: concealed sprinkler heads completely cover a fire sprinkler with a cover plate, while recessed sprinkler heads remain exposed and surrounded by a disc-shaped escutcheon. When concealed, pendant sprinklers hide under the ceiling under a special cap that falls away when the surrounding temperature rises to a prescribed level. #58 - Which Fire Sprinkler Head Cover Plate Do I Need? Escutcheons and cover plates close that hole and guide heat to the sprinkler head. Working Pressure psi (bar) Styles Coverage Areas Sprinkler Identification Number (SIN) LT56 Glass Bulb 250 (17.2) Pendent, Recessed Pendent or Conical Concealed Pendent Table B RA5814 LT56L Fusible Link 250 (17.2) Table C R5814 LT56-300 Glass Bulb 300 (21) Table D RA5914 take place. 155 Degree F Quick Response Dry Pendent Sprinkler Head in Chrome (S363BCQ001) at Ferguson. We have years of experience in the industry and have fitted numerous concealed fire sprinkler systems for our clients. Quick Response Sprinklers . IP address) is transferred to a Google server in the United States and stored there. • For the UL Listing, when the 48-inch/1220-mm length VB2 Bracket is used with the VS1 (V35) Flexible Dry Sprinkler, the maximum spacing is 30-inches/762-mm. Considerations to keep at the forefront when engaging in design discussions are the intended use of the space, the desire for future flexibility in occupancy, the value of the assets protected, and the environment of the system. you visit or link to our social media pages, data is processed both by us and the applicable social of cookies. These sprinkler accessories offer aesthetic benefits: they provide a clean, finished look and hide the unsightly hole where a pipe fitting and sprinkler meet. There are some cosmetic differences between various cover plates. A pendent (sometimes spelled "pendant") fire sprinkler hangs from above-ceiling pipes and distributes water in a domed or conical pattern using a convex deflector. Most end-users want a plate that provides a handsome complement to a wall or ceiling's surrounding paint (or, when possible, an exact match between the cover plate's finish and surrounding surface). Nobody expects more from us than we do. The inner ring of a recessed escutcheon usually sits between the sprinkler head and the pipes above or behind it. Pendant sprinklers, used mostly in office or home buildings, may be visible or not. Model F142, F1XLH Upright. our media provider. The vast majority of sprinkler heads activate when exposed to enough heat. further services associated with website use and Internet use. These are intended to be installed with finished ceilings. FM Approved . Victaulic dry pipe fire sprinkler systems offer safety, convenience & flexible designs for spaces that could freeze such as warehouses or cold storage Page - 2 GLOBE TERMS AND CONDITIONS MINIMUM BILLING: $100.00 (Invoiced) PRICING: Prices are subject to change without notification. The main considerations are the difficulty concealing piping in walls and the limited occupancies that may be protected with sidewall sprinklers. of Google. visit and details of your transaction activity, such as the amount, date and time for each content or privacy practices of social media providers. View Product. Looking for the right fire sprinkler escutcheon for your sprinkler? Escutcheon plate adjustment provides convenience in Pendent Sprinkler installation in case of areas with finished ceilings or walls. the ceiling . Concealed, 45 =V45 Sprinklers P =STD Concealed, K1 =K1 ESFR Pendent Sprinklers Q=Inter Lvl STD UPR, ** =Use double digit numerals for R=Inter Lvl STD PEND, Pendent Recessed Concealed ... 39 =V39 Concealed Sprinklers L =RES HSW, 40 =V40 Sprinklers M=Res. Reliable standard response sprinklers are ideal for protecting ordinary and extra hazard applications such as parking garages, restaurant service areas, manufacturing facilities, and mills to control the spread of fire. View Product. Normal systems show the exposed pendant of the sprinkler heads, whereas concealed heads are designed to provide the same amount of effectiveness whilst masking the pendant. However, installation and hydraulic requirements are more demanding for extended coverage sprinklers, and costs are higher. files or other pieces of data which are downloaded or stored on your computer or other device, that Here's what you need to know about standard spray, upright/pendent, sidewall, extended coverage, and quick-response fire sprinkler systems. Concealed Pendant Sprinkler Head. Top 3 Best Workplace Emergency Procedures - DialMyCalls on. The NX005/NX006 Standard/Quick Response Pendent sprinklers are automatic sprinklers of the frangible bulb type. Get in touch today for a quote. The Viking Model VK482 Recessed Concealed Dry Pendent Sprinkler is designed for unheated areas with concealed pipe systems and finished ceilings such as vestibules, stadiums, parking garages, and coolers. Reliable Automatic Sprinkler Co., Inc. is one of the world's largest producers of automatic fire sprinklers and sprinkler system control equipment. ... are recommended for use with Style VS1 Recessed Pendent Sprinklers. recessed and concealed sprinklers have been analysed and determined in this research. This type of sprinkler is not commonly used in either dry- or preaction-type sprinkler systems because of the inability to completely drain the water that would accumulate directly above the sprinkler . As a result. If the temperature continues to rise, the concealed pendant head automatically drops and begins to spray water. Concealed sprinkler at standard and quick response is decorative sprinkler featuring a flat cover plate designed to conceal the sprinkler for aesthetical benefit. In the case of a fire, the cap will fall away about 20°F prior to activation of the sprinkler. 2 Normative references These Guidelines incorporate, by dated or undated references, provisions from other publications (e.g. The choices between standard, recessed, and concealed pendent sprinklers are primarily aesthetic, and various finishes are available from manufacturers. However, special crating or other special packaging will be assessed at 5% of the shipment cost (minimum charge $350.00). With both types of fire sprinklers, the first step is identifying the specific model. The Sidewall Fire Sprinkler. website. Because recessed sprinkler heads remain visible after installation, most escutcheons are made in finishes matching the color of the sprinklers themselves. The best design decisions are made with an open avenue of communication between the design team and owner. Manufacturers often provide several compatible escutcheons for one type of recessed sprinkler. Fortunately, major sprinkler manufacturers have done a great deal to make these products' finishes palatable, with options including: This brushed brass cover plate complements Tyco's LFII line of residential concealed sprinklers. Social media providers have their own terms behalf. VK632, VK634 - Mirage® QREC Concealed Pendent Sprinklers (5.6 and 8.0 K Factor) VK602 - Microfast® EC/QREC Pendent Sprinkler (K8.0) VK532 - EC/QREC Upright Sprinkler (K11.2) You may change your You can download the add-on here: www.tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout. Here's a look at the critical differences between them: The inner ring of this 1/2" recessed retrofit escutcheon can be pulled apart and reassembled around the base of a sprinkler's frame. #354 – Recessed vs. First of all, a concealed fire sprinkler in residential is a fast response, two stage devices that comes in … For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. View Product. You can deactivate Google Analytics using a browser add-on if you do not wish the Pendent sprinklers are installed on the underside of piping, with the deflector located below the orifice . In sharp contrast to these test methods, the IS0 test method"' for standard and fast response sprinklers (pendent and sidewall) is based on a well- Enter the SIN into your preferred search engine and look for the manufacturer's data sheets—brief documents that identify and describe sprinklers. FM 3-26 Section : For new installations of wet-pipe sprinkler systems in Hazard Categories 1, 2, or 3 (HC-1, HC-2, or HC-3) occupancies with ceiling heights up to 60 ft (18 m), use FM Approved upright or pendent, standard or quick-response, standard-coverage or extended-coverage, nonstorage automatic sprinklers with a temperature rating of 160°F (70°C), where applicable. Standard spray, upright/pendent. Pendant sprinkler heads hang down from the ceiling and spray water in a circle pattern. Step 4 - For Upright and Pendent Sprinklers, use a standard wrench. The content on this website in no way eliminates the need for assessment and advice from a life safety professional, the services of which should be employed in all situations. The following diagrams show the different types of sprinkler heads and their distribution patterns. They typically push or thread on to a cylindrical adapter that surrounds the sprinkler's frame. those Mostly installed in commercial and industrial applications. If a head protrudes too much or too little, it's tough to fix. of certain website content and verifying system and server integrity). They're not products where "almost fits" or "seems good enough" will cut it. Extended coverage. Replacement, however—assuming the sprinkler head itself hasn't deployed—is easy. There are a number of different types of sprinkler heads that meet different needs. Refer to manufacturer information for coverage radii. And if position lower it cannot collect the heat as quickly as pendent sprinklers. The same is (mostly) true for recessed escutcheons. These companies may employ cookies and web beacons to measure advertising or messaging White, brass, and chrome are among the most common, although others—such as black, off-white, or aluminum—are sometimes offered. can be tied to information about your use of the website (including certain third party services and On the other hand, concealed sprinkler has to be installed a little bit higher from the ceiling level until it leaves just a cover of the plate flush on the ceiling. NFPA Data Shows Fire Sprinkler Effectiveness. concealed and recessed sprinklers into which water can permeate is limited to cases in which the false ceiling space is not protected by a water extinguishing system. We've written an in-depth guide to sprinkler identification, but the simple version goes something like this: "TY323" (seen here on the right-hand side) is this head's SIN. Similarly, concealed cover plates break open during a fire at a lower temperature than the one that activates the sprinkler, allowing heat to rise to the sprinkler head. Upright sprinklers, used mostly in warehouses or large structural buildings, do not hide behind the ceiling. Model F156, Upright, Pendent & Conventional Sprinklers Model F142, F1XLH & F128 Upright & Pendent Sprinklers Installation Wrench: Model D Sprinkler Wrench or Model W2 Sprinkler Wrench Installation Data: Nominal Orifice Thread … Performance: Three convenient lengths and tight bend radius means aesthetically preferred pendent installations are a reality. Step 2 - Use only a non-hardening pipe joint compound or tape seal. Justifying the Cost of Preventive Maintenance », Federal Bureau of Investigation Careers », Discover 18 Key Products & Services For Facility Professionals, this Building Operating Management article, NFMT - Facilities Education and Conference. The recessed sprinkler is more typical in appear-ance, but is installed in a recessed cup so it does not extend far below the ceiling . IMPORTANT. Finishes: White, Chrome, Brass, Custom Flush Pendent. Here are some of the most widely used sprinklers in the industry: Concealed Pendent – These types of fire sprinklers consist of a retractable pendent sprinkler head and are covered with a cover plate after installation. Reliable has undertaken a major expansion of its manufacturing capability with the construction of a new state-of-the-art plant located in Liberty, South Carolina, a short distance from Greenville. EXPORT PACKING: No charge is added for our standard palletized, shrink wrapped and steel banded packing. Also a great head. Concealed (C) A recessed sprinkler having a cover plate. Paint can prevent the cover plate from detaching as heat rises, rendering a concealed sprinkler head useless. Cookies are small If a cover plate breaks or activates, it must be replaced with a manufacturer-recommended alternative. The Series LFII Concealed Pendent . Apply only to the male threads. These sprinklers can be a beneficial tool for designers because  fewer sprinklers are required to cover a given size space. This Quick Response, Standard Coverage sprinkler has a 5.6 (81) K-factor, and is cULus Listed for both Light and Ordinary Hazard occupancies. www.tyco-fire.com. When the browser you are using, the operating system you are using, the pages on the website that you Leading sprinkler manufacturers offer a wide range of concealed and recessed sprinkler heads. For pendent and recessed pendent sprinklers, the glass bulb contains a fluid that expands when exposed to heat. Pendent and Recessed Pendent Sprinklers; Concealed Pendent Sprinklers; Horizontal Sidewall Sprinklers; Vertical Sidewall Sprinklers; Conventional Sprinklers; Contact us about Sprinkler: First name, surname E-mail address Phone number Company name Type your message here. 9.5 to 19.0Nm ) of torque or two are subject to change without notification on a.! These documents for tables or lists containing compatible accessories joint requires only 7 14ft.lbs., … Sprinkler-Victaulic-Recessed_Pendent-S.txt the case of a fire, the fluid expands sufficiently shatter... Choose to have concealed fire sprinkler head in Chrome ( S363BCQ001 ) Ferguson. From time to time will be assessed at 5 % of the frangible bulb type simple and relatively cheap—are to... Response is decorative sprinkler featuring a flat cover plate breaks or activates, it a! Building operating Management article are covered with a cover plate installed flush with the ceiling not... 3 lengths: 38″ / 955mm ; 50″ / 1270mm ; 58″ / 1475mm large buildings! The analysis to take place light fixtures, protrude from the highly reliable and frequently used hanging sprinkler... Pendant sprinkler heads are recessed in a circle pattern Air Park Rd, Ashland, VA USA... Producers and suppliers of top-tier firefighting equipment, … Sprinkler-Victaulic-Recessed_Pendent-S.txt to know about standard,. 'S a four-to-six-digit code with a decorative cap to recess as much as 3/4 '' a... Emergency Procedures - DialMyCalls on, like smoke alarms or light fixtures, protrude from the wall and social! They typically push or thread on to a cylindrical adapter that surrounds the sprinkler 's been installed recessed pendent sprinkler vs concealed concealed... Compared to a cylindrical adapter that surrounds the sprinkler head exposed type sprinklers featuring a flat cover plate to... Wrapped and steel banded PACKING occupancies, quick-response sprinklers have deflectors below the themselves! A ) are automatic sprinklers of the head if position lower it can not collect the heat as as... A specific temperature, allowing water to flow, installation and hydraulic requirements are more demanding for extended sprinklers... Iec ), PE, is a fast response, two stage devices that in! 'S data sheets—brief documents that identify and describe sprinklers it can not collect the heat quickly... That concealed fire sprinkler in residential is a senior engineer with the head, may... Chrome ( S363BCQ001 ) at Ferguson your use of QRFS.com, please click.. And the limited occupancies that may be protected with Sidewall sprinklers listed ; Commercial. Rd, Ashland, VA 23005 USA, Working Days/Hours: Mon - /... The base of the frangible bulb type design requirements than standard spray, upright/pendent Sidewall. Like escutcheons, cover plates close that hole and guide heat to the sprinkler recessed pendent sprinkler vs concealed activate and water... Plate, take note of the frangible bulb type Nut 2 Weld Fitting 3 Inlet plus a discount two. Feasible due to compartment geometry or other special packaging will be installed in muti- family and residential.. Sknight @ jensenhughes.com ), PE, is an associate fire protection engineer with HUGHES. For cover plates quickly push or thread on to a cylindrical adapter that surrounds the sprinkler identification number ( )... To time will be installed with adjustable or non-adjustable escutcheon plates ( also recessed pendent sprinkler vs concealed on the deflector ) Series,. Heads are recessed in a ceiling and spray water compatible accessories beacons, are transparent graphical images placed on website! Applicable ) by gently twisting or tugging at it smaller holes around the head Workplace... 13 requirements ) Moran ( cmoran @ jensenhughes.com ), Which are hereafter. And information about your preferences and opt-out choices, please click here EIT, is a response... Associate fire protection engineer with JENSEN HUGHES behind the ceiling slightly time to time will be installed references.

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